The VPUU Team

VPUU aims to overcome the different levels of exclusion to reduce and prevent crime. Based on a structured, participatory approach, VPUU facilitates processes between communities, government departments and other organisations to implement an agreed upon transformation process.

This is done through 9 integrated components, known as Areas of Expertise. These Areas of Expertise (AoE’s) that have emerged over the 15 years of experience VPUU has had in the field of urban upgrading and community development.

Six of our AoE’s are content specific. Our six content AoE’s are:

  • ABM – Area Based Management
  • CDSJ – Co-Design for Spatial Justice
  • ECD4All – Early Childhood Development for All
  • LED Broker – Local Economic Development Broker
  • ICT4D – Information and Communications Technology for Development
  • T&D – Training and Development

Three focus on process and are crosscutting. Our three process AoE’s are:

  • CP – Community Participation
  • PM – Project Management
  • MEL – Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

The Executive Support Services, which include, Office Management, Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance and Marketing, complete the picture.
Strategic direction is provided by VPUU’s board and CEO.