The VPUU Team

VPUU aims to overcome the different levels of economic, cultural, social, institutional and spatial exclusion, in order to reduce and prevent crime. Based on a structured, participatory approach, the focus is on improving safety, providing public services, and developing social cohesion factors, community data and the willingness of the local community and other partners to cooperate in implementing a transformation programme, through facilitating processes between communities, government departments and other organisations.

This is done through 5 programmatic, integrated components, known as ‘workstreams’, complemented by a multi-disciplinary team, at the core of the programme. These include: Situational, Social and Institutional Crime Prevention, Community Participation and Knowledge Management. The success of crime reduction and the improvement of quality of life lies in the interaction and integration of all these elements.

The back end support of these workstreams includes Project Management, Executive Support Services as well as strategic direction from CEO and Directors.