A determined geographical neighbourhood where comprehensive, cohesive, area-based community development creates safe and integrated communities. Safe Node Areas, while differing often vastly from one another are mostly characterised by increasing crime rates, poverty, high unemployment and high HIV rates.

In partnership with local municipalities, provincial government, local residents, donors, civil society and private sector, a rigorous fundamental systemic use of public participation methods leads to the creation of an environment where people experience a higher level of safety than in comparable areas, capturing a sense of pride, cohesion and local ownership that are key to healthy community development processes.

Building deep and wide roots between partners so that their interdependent strength is sustainable.

Safe Node Area: Paarl East

Safe Node Area: Villiersdorp

Safe Node Area: Manenberg

Community Registers

ECD for ALL!

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Social Development Fund

ICT4D: Social Technology

CitySpec: A Mobile Inspection Tool Improving Service Delivery

Informal Settlements Support Program (ISSP)

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