Leadership Training in Kleinmond- is it making a difference?


The Western Cape Government’s Department of Human Settlements developed the Informal Settlement Strategic Framework (ISSF). Embracing the Western Cape’s Provincial Strategic Plan‘s Goal 4, the ISSF seeks to transform vulnerable settlements into safe and sustainable neighbourhoods, by enabling access to public infrastructure, finance, land tenure, economic opportunities, and incremental housing opportunities.

In order to implement this strategy and gain a deeper understanding of the socio-economic profile of each informal community in the province, the WCG Department of Human Settlements set-up the Informal Settlement Support Programme (ISSP). They appointed eight NGOs across the Western Cape, including VPUU NPC, to involve communities by collecting information for future planning, prioritisation and implementation of key interventions.

Kleinmond Leadership Training

Our mandate at VPUU NPC includes Community Stakeholder engagement, such as leadership training and participatory planning. We are furthermore appointed to implement and manage data collection processes, or “enumerations” across several localities in the Western Cape.

Kleinmond Leadership Training House Rules

Leadership Training in Kleinmond

Through a series of leadership sessions, a core leadership group receives training in community development and leadership skills. These include leadership training, communication skills, conflict resolution and financial management.

The leadership training is in full swing in Kleinmond. So is it making a difference?

Two of the participants share their thoughts about the leadership course in Kleinmond.

Kleinmond Leadership Training participant Nokwayiyo Booi

My name is Nokwayiyo Booi and I am a participant in the leadership course run by VPUU in the Kleinmond area.

Since attending the leadership course in Kleinmond, I have gained confidence in myself and can even express my opinion now in my communication with others and at my workplace.

I now have the courage to fulfil my dream of opening a crèche that will not only be a service for the Overhills community but it will be providing a safe protected space for so many little children whose parents need to find a job in order to sustain the family. I have approached the Child Welfare society in Kleinmond once for assistance with equipment in order to start the ECD but I was turned down and they told me that I could not have the ECD in a wooden structure that I  had bought specifically for this purpose.

Their negativity smashed my dream in many pieces as I just gave up on my dream. I, however, feel much more positive now and will explore the possibility to realise my dream further and give life to my dream again. VPUU has restored my courage and my confidence again through the leadership capacity building course that I am attending .

Kleinmond Leadership Training Participant Lelethu


My name is Lelethu and I am a participant in the Kleinmond Leadership training course. I am an intern in the LED office in the Kleinmond area that services the Hangklip area.

I did not see myself as a leader before because I believed that leaders are born and I never realised that leadership is something one can cultivate within oneself too. Since I attended this course, I have learnt what the qualities of a good leader are and I realised that I am a leader and that I just need to work on some of my weaknesses to become a good leader I already have the passion for working with people and to develop and tap into  the potential that lays dormant within each person. I have however decided to start with myself and have even taken up the challenge of the responsibility of  secretary in the new group we as participants have started in order to develop myself.

I want to prove my ability as a leader in order for the community to see that I am a responsible and capable leader.

I would like to lead other young people to find their potential in life and develop together.

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