Safe Node Area: Villiersdorp

Villiersdorp is located in Theewaterskloof Municipality which also covers Botriver, Grabouw, Genadendal, Caledon, Greyton and Caledon. The town is split into two Wards and 11 sub-areas as identified by the stakeholders. These areas consist of various ethnic and racial groups which forms the Villiersdorp community. Villiersdorp is a vibrant farming community which presents various development opportunities spatially and socioeconomically. Villiersdorp is home to approximately 4000 households, with 7 Informal settlements within the town. As an agricultural town, there is a high number of seasonal labourers which adds to the growth of informal settlements and unemployment.


Priority projects include the development of a coherent, area-based ECD Strategy in cooperation with VPUU and the Theewaterskloof (TWK) Municipality. Activities targeted at Youth focus on improved public education within the community to facilitate the reduction of school truancy and drop outs. Further Youth Development and training is amplified through Afterschool and Holiday Programmes. The ECD support and Youth Development programmes are now underway in TWK. The delivery of a toy library and ECD Resource Hub are new facilities. Victim support service provider has been appointed and operational planning is underway.

Work towards improved access to quality jobs through implementing a comprehensive Local Economic Development strategy that has a particular focus to improve employment opportunities and support emerging and existing small businesses (LED strategy is wider and includes sustainable livelihoods, attract investment, etc.); increased youth self-awareness and aspiration plans; partnerships for high quality targeted programmes; and strengthen network connections to practical opportunities. Activities are selected linked to community priorities and their alignment to the Municipal and Provincial priorities and the VPUU LED Strategy. Most programmes are offered by local service providers or government agencies.


Formalised engagement with leadership group (SNAC), dissemination of programme information, managing the process of incremental improvement of the neighbourhood.


Villiersdorp Public Investment Framework (PIF) reviews the spatial layers for the town as a whole. The Landscape or ‘green layer’ is an important layer due to the urban-rural context of the town. This links to the larger contextual ecological systems (hydrology, flora, fauna, topography etc.). A public open space network will assist in the development of a precinct plan/s for Buitenkant Street. Precinct Plan for Buitenkant Street – focus on:

  • Focus Area 1: MARKET – Concept Plan for future development that incorporates small based enterprise; innovation and business hub for training and skills development; trading (formal and informal); pubic space and public transport interchange for taxis and associated amenities.
  • Focus Area 2: RESOURCE CENTRE / YLC – with a focus on YOUTH, skills development, gardens and safe space.
  • Focus Area 3: TOY LIBRARY – with a focus on ECD and learning linked to a safe public space + community register office or NHW

The VPUU Baseline findings, issues raised by leaders in the Profile workshop, and existing municipal and provincial safety initiatives are brought together in the Community Action Plan. The Department of Community Safety has taken the lead role in developing, integrating, implementing and reporting on safety interventions, which are to be fully linked to the CSIP strategy of DoCS. A local Safety Promoter is in place and the Neighbour Hood Watch will apply for accreditation. There are good working links with Placemakers in offering safe events and safe public spaces.

Research and Development

Effective M&E systems are developed to track progress against agreed programme’s activities and targets. Local capacities are strengthened to support programme’s implementation. Strategic sessions are held regularly to reflect on achievements, challenges and lessons learnt. Progress on implementation is shared with programme’s beneficiaries, partners and funders at agreed times through progress reports. Mainstreaming: Relationship and trust building with municipal officials, setting in place of formational steps and systems. Identification of and relationship building with Provincial officials. Engagement with partners and the provision of opportunities and training for community members allowing for access to information, knowledge and potential upskilling.

Location: Theewaterskloof
SNA: Villiersdorp
Timeline: 2014 - Current

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