Villiersdorp Resource Centre wins prestigious CIFA award for architecture

VPUU are delighted to announce that the Villiersdorp Resource Centre has won a prestigious Cape Institute for Architecture (Cifa) award.

The Villiersdorp resource centre celebrated its one-year anniversary on the 13th of October, and this award is the best possible birthday present.

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Plaque commemorating all our partners, stakeholders and funders

Opening Ceremony Villiersdorp Resource Centre

TWK RC completion pics (18)
A look inside the Villiersdorp Youth Cafe


To quote Joanna Marzec- Visagie

The VPUU programme sometimes made us feel uncomfortable as a municipality and we had to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones. Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean we must stop. It is now our job to make sure that the networks established don’t die. We (the municipality) are selling the VPUU vision out there and want to apply it to other areas. We would like to believe that especially our spatial planning would look different, where we will not sit behind our desks and organise how communities should work, but we will put our boots on and actually go and find out how to work in our space and with our communities.

CIFA jury visit Villiersdorp
Jury visit to Villiersdorp Resource Centre July 2019

The PDF below shows the submission to the awards committee by CCNI architects.

Villiersdorp Resource Centre CIfA Award 2019 (1)


Villiersdorp Resource Centre CIfA Award 2019 (2)
Journey stories from Villiersdorp

The VPUU journey has been a case study for DSD. VPUU has spent time and resources on capacitating the local leadership who will drive the community for years to come. VPUU showed the municipality the importance of working with community to provide services, as government alone can’t do this. The multi-party approach that VPUU brought in was significant, to show that each dept has a role to play and a contribution to make. There is no one step that was easy, there have been challenges, this tells us that we must never despair. The VPUU integrated approach has done something that government usually doesn’t achieve. Mr Hewu – DSD

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