Work We Love: Youth Capital Influencers tackle Youth Unemployment.

Become a YC Influencer

Youth Capital believes YOUR VIEWS, VOICES AND ACTIONS COUNT in creating a world where young people thrive.

Are you a young leader who wants to change the future of South Africa?

Do you want to ensure your voice is heard in the unemployment conversation?

Are you eager to transform youth employment?

If so, apply to become an Influencer. YC Influencers are a network of young leaders finding new solutions to tackle the high levels of youth unemployment – and connecting those dots to a national campaign pushing for action and change.

Youth Capital are selecting 30 Influencers in each of the following provinces: Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Western Cape. You must be between 15-35 years of age.

Applications close 1st November. You can apply online or download the application form. 



Read more about the Youth Capital program below!

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