Manenberg’s Community Action Plan has been accepted!

Manenberg Community Action Plan receives endorsement by the Premier of the Western Cape and Executive Mayor of the City of Cape Town

Manenberg CAP_Signing

The City of Cape Town and Western Cape Government identified Manenberg as a priority area for upgrading and investment via the Mayoral Urban Regeneration Programme (MURP) in 2015. As part of the MURP, Manenberg was identified as an area in dire need of urban transformation, following the VPUU methodology of building social cohesion as a precondition for successful urban infrastructural development, with the aim to improve the Quality of Life of citizens through a partnership approach.

In order to achieve this vision, a participatory process has been engaged upon around trust building and partnership in order to shift the government’s delivery model towards a delivery model that takes guidance from the needs of the citizens, ensuring that community leadership and public sector leadership are partners in the development.

A milestone was achieved in this process on 27 November 2018 when the Community Action Plan, the document showing how Manenberg can be transformed from a place with a culture of violence to a place with a culture of peace, was endorsed and signed by Premier Helen Zille and Mayor Dan Plato alongside the Chairperson of the Manenberg Project Steering Committee Jonathan Jansen. This is a powerful moment in the process of working with the Manenberg community to be partners of government in their development, with the Community Action Plan a plan that has come from ongoing negotiations around priority projects for the neighbourhood since 2015.

Next steps are to work the Western Cape Government, City of Cape Town and Project Steering Committee to turn the Plan into Action, and a vision into a reality for the Manenberg community.

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