A New Approach for Designing for Early Childhood in Informal Settlements

Children’s voices in informal settlements are often ignored in the design of their environments. VPUU has been invited by Arup to contribute to a design guide to address this critical issue. Borne out of the Urban95 project, Arup has launched Proximity of Care- A New Approach to Designing for Early Childhood in Vulnerable Urban Contexts

Arup describes the project as:

The Proximity of Care approach was developed to better understand the needs and constraints faced by young children, their caregivers, and pregnant women in informal and refugee settlements; and to ultimately help improve their living conditions and well-being. It is at the core of the Design Guide that we are jointly developing to support government authorities, urban practitioners, development and humanitarian organisations operating in informal and refugee settlements to profile their work as child and family friendly. 

Read more about the project below:


We will be focusing on our contribution on the work we are doing in Khayelitsha, through our #ECDforALL programmes.


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