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Trusted Coronavirus Information Resources Page

The first website to bookmark is The World Health Organization. They are driving the global response, defining guidelines and measures to combat the spread of the virus, and co-ordinating international co-operation in order to come up with medication to help those infected and ultimately a find a vaccine that can be made globally available.

Western Cape Government Department of Health has a very good website. You will find a self-assessment test to determine if you are at risk. They also list all national hotlines and emergency contact numbers.

The National Department of Health’s WhatsApp number is very useful. All you need to do is whatsapp Hi to 0600 123 456 . An extensive menu of options will be presented. Choose the category you require.

John Hopkins University has a very good map, broken down per country. It is a chilling visualisation of the spread of the virus and reflects current infection, recovery and fatality rates.

News24 provides a simple but effective animated video update each time the official figures are released.

The Bkekisisa website offers brilliant analysis and reporting on all aspects of the coronavirus outbreak, as well as other health news. Their dashboard is one of the best available. Check the dashboard here!

Be careful before you share any information. An enormous amount of fake news has been generated an is making the rounds on social media and finding its way into chat rooms and messaging application such as Whatsapp. Just because it is trending or a friend or family member has sent it to you, does not mean it is true!

Use the following websites: