Priscilla, Queen of Masks!

Priscilla Erasmus has come to the party. Not only is she one of our key staff members working on community participation and development programmes, but she also arranges our Social Cohesion lunches.

These are lunches she prepares for our staff in all of the areas where we work so that we can enjoy a wonderful meal together every month or two.

She has now turned her talented hands to the making of masks for the communities we serve. She has already made over 100.

Some of these were delivered to our EPWP workers in Harare yesterday.

Her designs and choice of materials are vibrant and fun.

How to use the mask and take care of it is explained below.


Below is a picture of Priscilla hard at work. And yes, she does wear a mask when she works. “Product testing” as she refers to it.

Thank you Priscilla!