Community Safety Intervention Programme (CSIP) launches in Groenheuwel

The Fairyland Neighbourhood Watch in collaboration with Drakenstain Safe Node Area Committee (DRK SNAC) and local community volunteers is part of the Community Safety Intervention Programme (CSIP) running within the broader Groenheuwel area.


There are 3 main programmatic elements to the CSIP.

Data Collection and Incident Reporting  – the aim is to collect relevant data within the area in 3 broad areas: incident reporting relating to crime and safety, and municipal services and recreational- entertainment outlets.

The Fairyland Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) has been trained to conduct reporting and capturing information using cell phones. The NHW team focusses on visible policing and recording daily incidents which are prevalent within the community. These incidents can range from environmental factors, vandalism and crime hotspots.

This data allows the safety structure to draw up reports of incidents which are shared with relevant departments, who can use the community-generated information to complement their own to inform new safety and policing strategies and action plans. It also ensures the community can hold them to account and encourages the community to be actively involved in creating their own safe neighbourhoods.

The NHW team also collects additional data around services (See Cityspec) and recreational and entertainment outlets.  The enables mapping of these services and outlets within the area and data collection that helps determine the relationships between the quality of these services and outlets and safety.

The Community Innovation Fund – The Community Innovation Fund allows organizations within the broader Groenheuwel area to access support for their innovative ideas, projects or programmes. The aim is to engage with existing groups and organisations that are having a positive impact on their community through sustainable youth programmes and support them with funding (see Social Development Fund).

The Groenheuwel Safe Node Area has many local organizations from youth and sports development groups to faith-based and cultural groups. Resources have always been a challenge and organizations require additional support in order to deliver better services and grow their impact and reach within their communities. The Community Innovation Fund is designed to help them achieve these goals.


Community Urban Gardening – the Fairyland Neighbourhood Watch has been given the amazing opportunity to create their first food garden as an income-generating opportunity. The team of ten local community members will undergo agricultural business training and support training before sewing their first seeds.

The food garden will sell their produce to restaurants, retailers and community members. Skills development and learning exchanges are crucial in creating a sustainable community programme. Once the garden is operational, the group aims to partner and collaborate with local Early Childhood Development (ECD) groups and nutritional enterprises to create more awareness around health and nutrition from an early age.

Download our brochure on the importance of Urban Gardening.