CheckIT: Community Reporting Tool

CheckIT gives the community a voice by enabling field reporting on the functional status of critical infrastructure, facilities and events.

This ICT4D tool puts the power of local knowledge into the hands of communities and their municipal partners, fostering practical conversations targeted towards people’s quality of life.

In many settlements, municipal administrations may record basic service levels as equal to the number of installed facilities (such as taps and toilets); but, in practice, the functional status and location of those facilities is often an unknown factor. Low-functional service levels of public infrastructure may lead to a severe scarcity of resources which can trigger safety issues relating to health and violence.

CheckIT screenshot

CheckIT is a flexible, event-based mobile inspection tool designed by VPUU to improve the delivery of essential services. This monitoring tool aims to facilitate and standardise the process of reporting on the status of basic services. By replacing a paper-based system with this mobile technology, higher quality, more accurate and different varieties of data can now be generated and collected by trained community fieldworkers. The tool can be user-customised to report on a wide range of infrastructural and social incidents and events.

The quality and lifespan of basic infrastructure increases through the direct involvement of communities in monitoring and planning processes.

CheckIT leverages social capital in marginalised communities and informal settlements by enabling communities to localise and report their own current needs for support and services. 

Community members and municipal staff are trained and actively involved in the data collection process in their own communities.

Fieldworkers using CheckIT

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