The area defined by Nyanga Junction, New Eisleben Road, Klipfontein Road and Lansdowne Road has been identified as an area for the Mayor’s Urban Regeneration Programme (MURP).In March 2012 a decision was taken in a joint meeting between the CoCT and WCG on Economic Growth in geographic target areas to use Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) as the vehicle to implement a comprehensive area based approach intervention to improve social, cultural, economic, spatial, institutional and safety factors which will result in improving the Quality of Life of the residents. Gugulethu and Nyanga are characterised by the high levels of crime some of which can be attributed to alcohol usage.


Gugulethu (KTC) and Nyanga (Lusaka and Hlazo) have been selected to form part of Alcohol Harms Reduction pilot sites where the aim is to reduce the access of alcohol through working with the community, its leaders, municipality, youth and liquor traders to establish a more self-regulatory system where community safety plays an integral role for all. An Area Project Committee has been created with various safety partners locally and provincially in order to oversee the activities undertaken to support the GC locally and how those activities are aligned with this safety priorities of the community.

The VPUU Local Economic Development team works primarily through the monthly Gunya Technical Working Group and the development of the Community Action Plan by the SNAC. Activities are selected linked to community interest and their alignment to the VPUU LED Strategy and programmes offered by various local service providers or government agencies. Main achievements have been:

  • played a leading role in coordinating a local LED Action Plan and involving a wide range of socio-economic actors,
  • with DEDAT’s assistance brokered and organised the Informal Trader Upliftment Programme training for 20 local traders offered by the Gugulethu CCT and Wholesale & Retail SETA,
  • supported the Nyanga Urban Node Upgrade Trading Plan process,
  • took Nyanga traders on an educational exchange to Warwick Junction in Durban to talk to traders and key site activators,
  • facilitated Dreamworker placement agency’s involvement in the area and later helped make connections with Harambee Youth Accelerator with Gunya structures
  • utilised the City’s ECAMP tool to explore economic development opportunities in the area. A current area of focus is Workforce Development, helping to facilitate employment linkages in a geographic area of high unemployment through a partnership with the Gugulethu College of Cape Town and links to the Technical and Vocational Skills Game Changer of the Western Cape Provincial Government.


Within the administration this high level political team (Social/Economic Cluster EMT) is supported by a core team on Director’s level to ensure resourcing and line departmental support. On a third level the Area Coordinating Team (ACT) is made up of representatives on technical and implementers level representing the initiatives operating within the Nyanga/Gugulethu area. Sub council Managers are an integral part of these meetings. The purpose of the ACT is to develop a joint vision for the area, identify synergies between initiatives and start working in transversal teams with the aim to improve the Quality of Life of the residents by implementing joint projects. The ACT will be convened by the Sub council Manager and supported by a representative of the VPUU team and will mainly draw on government officials plus technical experts and members of the area based staff.

The ACT is mirrored in the community by a Project Steering Committee made up of local community stakeholders comprised of NGOs, CBOs, members of Ward committees, CPFs, etc. Councillors are ex-officio members of this committee. This group will develop the area strategy from a community perspective that will be developed in conjunction with the ACT and is submitted to the Sub-councils of the area for support and endorsement. It was agreed to treat the whole area as one planning region, however, to establish one ACT per Subcouncil so that both Sub-councils can contribute towards the establishment of a joint vision. From the Subcouncil level it will be elevated to Mayco and IGR for ratification and signing by the Mayor. The Community Action Plan will align itself to the IDP as well as into the strategic objectives of WCG.

Research and Development

Partnership with UCT to conduct annual household surveys from 2013 to 2015 to evaluate the impact of urban upgrading, specifically VPUU-lead interventions, and the Western Cape Liquor Act.

Location: Gugulethu and Nyanga
SNA: Gunya

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