Work we love: EVA’s work in Haiti

Building resilience in Haiti through public spaces.

Co-designed by Emergent Vernacular Architecture (EVA Studio) and community members, the three public spaces enhance the participation of different population groups to urban life. The project shows how public space can enhance community resilience by improving quality of life, providing access to services, ameliorating social cohesion around the care of a common good.

EVA’s approach mirror’s the approach we adopt at VPUU and validates the investment in a community centric co-design process and using local labour and knowledge. It is also important to get government and local authorities to understand that a cohesive, linked set of interventions over a longer time frame are bettter than reactive, ad hoc and atomised ones.

The video below mainly covers one of the interventions (Place Tapis Rouge), but Emergent Vernacular Architecture (EVA Studio) was awarded the design and the construction supervision of three public spaces in Carrefour-Feuilles within the framework of the LAMIKA Program. These public spaces were:

  1. Place Tapis Rouge
  2. Place Kay Alfred
  3. Terrain Campeche

To read more about EVA’s three interventions CLICK HERE

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