Download: Inspire Handbook 2018

This is an essential guide to all who want to see the scourge of gender based violence and violence against children eradicated.

It is estimated that globally up to 1 billion children are subject
to violence each year. Violence against children has strong, long-lasting effects on brain function, mental health, health risk behaviours, noncommunicable diseases, infectious diseases such as HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, and social functioning. The direct and indirect economic costs of these effects are substantial, and violence against children undermines the potential of both individuals and societies. From the Foreward

If we begin tackling violence against children in systematic way, the impact will be felt in other forms of violence as the causes are interrelated, often stemming from the same root conditions.

The INSPIRE handbook covers the following:

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You can view the handbook below, or download directly here

INSPIRE_Handbook 2018

INSPIRE Handbook: action for implementing the seven strategies. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2018. Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO.Cataloguing-in-Publication (CIP) data. CIP data are available at http://apps.who. int/iris.