Meet our new Chairperson of the Board, Sisanda Mqwebedu.

Meet the new chairperson of VPUU NPC, Sisanda Mqwebedu
Meet the new chairperson of VPUU NPC, Sisanda Mqwebedu

Getting personal with the Chair:

I am Sisanda Mqwebedu the newly elected chairperson VPUU NPC. I wear many hats amongst which include mother, sister, friend, business owner and avid artist. My role within VPUU NPC is to guide the Board with decision making particularly at Board meetings to ensure consistency and alignment to organisational values and strategy. I am mindful that I am taking a huge responsibility at a critical time within the organisation, as it is going through transformation. To this end I commit to support the Chief Executive and to continually act as the soundboard to ensure compassionate leadership and continuous employee engagement.

I am passionate about development particularly personal development and living life fully. My secret to success is my insatiable desire to understand ‘”things deeper, better and more” I am simply curious!

Secondly, my desire to be the best version of myself, both personally and professionally. I believe e all have unique and special talents, on which we must capitalise, so that we can offer our best selves in the respective areas in which we serve and continuously hone it so that it becomes a personal trademark.

I am the Managing Director and Founder of Itayi Arts, which specialises in fine arts and bespoke decor items; other business interests and a part time facilitator specialising in leadership development; ethics and governance for the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Before pursuing self employment, I worked for several years in the energy industry specialising in financial management, compliance and governance and strategy execution. I hold B. Com Financial Accounting from the University of Cape Town and MBA from University of Stellenbosch.