The youth of Groenheuwel share their thoughts about the New House of Learning at a Graffiti Workshop

Interfer organised an important workshop for the community surrounding the new Library in Groenheuwel, Paarl. The workshop invited children and youth from the area to contribute their ideas about the library and on how they perceived it. Interfer will use these ideas to help inform the two murals they have been commissioned to create for the library.

Graffiti workshop1

At the start of the workshop, the team who designed and built the library were nervous about the outcome of the workshop. It soon became apparent that the ideas and concepts generated by the attendees were aligned with how the team saw the library, which is great news. This user alignment and synchronicity bodes well for how the users will identify with the library and use it.

Graffiti workshop2

Thank you: To Interfer for running the workshop and bringing their unique brand of Graffiti activism to Paarl; to the Safe Node Area Committee, for encouraging the youth to come; to all the wonderfully engaged attendees; and lastly, to the supportive librarians who actively participated in the workshop.

Interfer is a collective of graffiti activists. Follow them on facebook to see the amazing work they are doing across South Africa.