Go Bold for Change: Women’s Day in Villiersdorp with MOSAIC

This Women’s Day, MOSAIC held a celebration event focused on vulnerable women in Villiersdorp. It was a huge success! At the time of writing, people were still talking about it. The theme of the event was: GO BOLD FOR CHANGE. The women of Villiersdorp who came dressed up in bold, bright, positive colours, so as to encourage a  mind-set towards changing their life stories.

MOSAIC group
MOSAIC Women’s Day celebration event: Go Bold for Change
MOSAIC event
Attendees enjoying the MOSAIC programme

MOSAIC is an organisation who work towards preventing and reducing  gender-based abuse and violence. They have been working in collaboration with VPUU in the community of Villiersdorp for almost a year now. The focus of the program is to uplift women who experience or have experienced abuse. They guide them in speaking out and gaining help. MOSAIC have run a number of workshops with this focus in Villiersdorp in the past.

What happened on the day?

Jenni, the VPUU Safety Promotor and ECD Facilitator in Villiersdorp,  shared her testimony first, encouraging the other attendees to start speaking out.

Jenni sharing her testimony at the MOSAIC event

The Councillor briefed the group about the history of Women’s Day, as well sharing her own story with the group.

MOSAIC councillor
Councillor telling the history of Women’s Day at MOSAIC event

Faith Joy Merrical Corner, a local youth group, entertained the women with some singing and dancing and Maritza Welmans blew the celebration away with her powerful singing of “This is my fight song”

MOSAIC youth
Youth group entertaining the guests at MOSAIC event
MOSAC Maritza
Maritza singing at the MOSAIC event

The Heidie Louw was our guest speaker. She  is a member of a local women’s group, Eclecia. Sjoe, she was really an inspiration and BOLD in carrying her message over, that you are the planner of your own destination.

MOSAiC guest
Guest speaker at MOSAIC Women’s Day event

Some of the other stakeholders and speakers at the event were Sister J. Lackey from the Department of Health (DoH), John from Department of Social Developmeny (DSD), Ordinary Young People 4 Christ (OYP4C), and the South African Police Services (SAPS). All in all, it was a superb event, and one that will be remembered fondly by the women of Villiersdorp.